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Vinay Says » Tutorial » How to setup Airtel Broadband connection using any Modem?

How to setup Airtel Broadband connection using any Modem?

Mistakenly Today I plugged my laptop’s Adapter into airtel broadband modem , and it instantly burned out , But fortunately I have one bsnl wi fi modem , and this whole event give me opportunity to play around Modem setup and at the end I successfully configured it.

Connect your New Modem with your PC and open this link , then it will be ask for username and passowrd
By default password
username :admin
password : password
In whole Modem configuration  mainly you have to configure your ATM setup inside WAN , ATM setting  For Airtel is
Set VPI as 1
Set VCI as 32

then next you have to assign username and password of your pppoe connection , In Airtel by default your Username is <your Landline number with std code >  for password you have to call your Customer care and ask him but by default it can be your account id number or your phone number without std code.

then save this setting  reboot your modem and it all your new modem is set up , Happy surfing :)

Sharing some screen shot for better understanding

if you are facing any problem , drop a comment

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18 Responses to "How to setup Airtel Broadband connection using any Modem?"

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  11. it is great to know about this … trying to get more data on this ..will post the updates here .. :)

  12. sanup says:

    thanks a lot…:)

  13. Raj says:

    hello I am new to this site I also moved from BSNL to airtelbroadband some months back and the tech support from airtel configured the router and is working but everytime I need to use WIFI I need to connect lan cable go to internet and to and go to wireless option and select security and press save/apply key and reboot my laptop when I have my wifi internet enabled , so any suggestions to resolve this I would greatly appreciate thanks.

  14. admin says:

    Hi Raj , if you can send screenshot that might be more helpful to suggest
    Select security option :WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES]
    in passphase : put a password , you want
    and then Apply

  15. nana dwomoh says:

    please if i can get the setup of airtel broadband modem thanks

  16. raul says:

    but how to open link with out internet.please give solution

  17. admin says:

    if your router is connected to your PC via wire /wi-fi , Just open that link on your browser , it will respond as it is local IP address of your router , so no need of internet connection

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